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10 likes:Babies (specially my son), being with family, photos, helping others, cars, g-d, music, having a significant other :-) , cures, food!! all kinds.

10 dislikes:Close minded people, racism, cold hearts, headaches, stomach aches, poverty, suffering, bad tempers, lack of sleep, liars.

5 favorite bands:Off the top of my head, hmm, I have so many, a lot are artists but you ask for bands : Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Mana, Coldplay , El Gran Silencio.

5 hated bands:This is tough, I hardly hate any music. Backstreet Boys, Los Tigres del Norte, The Chieftains, Irish Rovers, Big & Rich. You may not know any of them, but yeah I wouldn't purchase any of their cds.


abortion:I have to say I am against it, it's a child not a choice. Everyone deserves a chance to live.

homosexuality:Because I am religious, I should say that I am against homosexuality BUT I have seen firsthand two men be so in love with each other. So when someone who is also religious asks me if I'm for or against, I tell them that "I'm for the love between two humans" :-) plus, love knows no boundries, and I know nobody on earth could ever tell me who I can and can not love.

death penalty: It's totally understandable how a victim's family can request a death penalty, though I wouldn't want to be the guy that flips the switch or injects anything to make a healthy person die, plus it's better to make them think about what they did for a really really really long time. Why give them an easy way out?

religious tolerance: Religious freedom should be a right given to everyone. I come from a very diverse background. Mother is catholic, father is buddhist with a tiny bit of catholicism, husband and myself are Jewish, and I have some aunts & uncles who are Jehova's witness.


Hope you like. You mentioned you only needed two, these were pretty clear sooo...

A pic of myself, I'm serious in this one, but hardly ever in real life :-)

myself eating....


1 - Not only is my creativity the photo you see below, but also the subject in the photo. I created him, well actually g-d did, but I helped :-)

2 - This is a photo of my husband.

3 -

4 - My Journal
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